Weight Loss

FoundationMED feels that weight loss, not a temporary change in weight but true weight loss, must be realized in the context of the functional medicine approach. Understanding and correcting underlying core clinical imbalances such as Leptin Resistance is the key to success – working closely with our patients to do so.

FoundationMED Medically Supervised Weight Loss

This is not a templated “program” but a physician-supervised journey to improve core clinical imbalances and thus lose weight and improve health.

In addition, we are eager to evaluate and include APPROPRIATE programs and methodologies to help our patient achieve their goals. For example, the ProLon program is an exciting extension to our toolbox to help with scientifically sound methods to help with weight management. We do NOT ascribe to (nor need) HCG diets or other similar questionable diet reduction methods. This is why most weight loss programs do not ultimately work – they are treating the “symptom” (obesity) with a symptom-oriented “drug” or poorly documented “program”. The problem is that it does not hold up in the court of scientific evidence – and don’t even get me started on the use of “diet pills” – remember Phen-Fen?

Our Functional Medicine Approach

So what is the appropriate approach? – sticking to the principles of functional medicine. Focusing on the overall fundamental clinical imbalances, fundamental physiologic processes, and mind and spirit.

We work with our patients to actually create momentum towards health as they implement sound functional medicine principles.

Losing weight can be part of a very positive experience! It can be a very powerful feeling to know that you have control over your health and wellness – and that includes your weight.

We work very diligently with our patients to empower them to become health advocates for themselves through clinical evaluations with a physician, personal education, and working closely with the physicians and health coaches at FoundationMED to create their personalized path to improved health and wellness.

FoundationMED offers a weight loss program that actually works! By applying Functional Medicine principles combined with appropriate Health Coach support and focused physiological monitoring, we will be able to safely work with patients to not only lose weight, but to develop the lifestyle changes needed to maintain weight loss AND improve underlying health and vitality.