New Patient Overview

We are thrilled that you are considering FoundationMED for your functional medical care. We are committed to do our best to ensure you are treated with utmost respect, and to maximize results while minimizing risk.

FoundationMED Is Open And Accepting New Patients At Our Clinic As Well As Via Telehealth!

Prior to Your Visit

If you decide to consult with our physician we ask that you fill out an extensive questionnaire concerning your diet, lifestyle and medical history. Our physician will review this questionnaire in great detail before meeting with you, and begin to construct your visit note.

At the initial visit we ask that you allow 2 hours to be in our office. Direct time with our physician is between 1 to 1.5 hours. Even though that seems like a long time, it can be surprising how fast it can go!

During this initial visit, our physicians will get more detailed information from you, directly address your questions, concerns, and expectations, and give you an overview of what is recommended for you – even as they discuss in detail their thoughts about your underlying physiology and medical condition(s). In addition, we ask that you bring any pertinent laboratory data or prior medical or surgical history data (from other consultations) for review and discussion.

Within a week after your visit (or less), you will receive an email notification via our electronic medical record system stating that the “encounter” plan is ready. You will access this plan via the patient portal portion of the electronic medical record system. We highly recommend that you download each Encounter Note (i.e. Visit Note) and PRINT OUT your own copy. There are 2 versions provided for each visit – the Encounter Note (full of much detail) and the Mini Encounter Note more focused on the current visit and therapeutic plan. At a minimum we recommend printing out the Mini Encounter Note to use as a reference guide to your personalized treatment plan.

This plan will include quite a bit of detail concerning your visit, including a review of findings and the therapeutic approaches addressing each of those findings, specific diet and lifestyle recommendations (including book and website recommendations), testing and very specific supplement recommendations, prescriptions, a review of laboratory data, a patient “ToDo” section that serves as a direct communication from our physician to you concerning a given “encounter”, identified areas of clinical concern, identified items being considered, as well as OTHER recommended information for you to read/review presented as PDF’s available for download. In addition, our physician may consult with appropriate colleagues as needed. All of this information is reviewed and updated with each visit and is available for you to review and print out.

Initial Visit Cost

The cost of the initial visit (with our physicians) is $745 (payment of cash or credit card is required at the time of your appointment). You will be in consultation with our physician for up to 1.5h directly. Your history and current situation will be completely reviewed and discussed. Our physician will consult as needed for particular situations. A rather thorough Encounter Note (Visit Note) and MINI Encounter Note will be generated for your study and review, complete with your personalized health plan – all accessible from the Patient Portal. Typically our physician spends 2 or more hours outside of the patient visit preparing and consulting/researching any given patient (including pre-visit preparation, post visit analysis/visit note creation and consultation and research).

Follow-up Visit Costs

Follow-up visits (with your physician) are:

  • 45min – 60min followup visit is $345
  • 1.5 hour followup visit is $445
  • 2.0 hour followup visit is $545

Any test results will be reviewed in detail, and your current situation discussed. An updated Encounter Note will then be posted complete with an updated assessment and plan – all accessible from the Patient Portal. We also offer extended followup appointment times to allow for more detailed discussion and laboratory evaluation, as well as a shorter/focused visit appointment for single issue items.

We highly recommend that you download and print out the Visit Note (MINI Encounter Note) due to the amount of information contained within. This is specifically found as a PDF in the Documents Section of your personal Patient Portal on the web.

With your initial visit, you will then be given the opportunity to speak with our Patient Coordinator/Health Coach (at no additional charge). As our clinical approach is rather detailed and comprehensive, this visit serves to outline the basics of our approach. Our Health Coach stands as a resource for you to utilize as needed as you continue your journey to better health and well-being.

We also offer, and highly recommend, the services of our Certified Health Coaches.

Health Coach visits serve to assist our patients with proper implementation of the treatment plan. As the physician plan can be necessarily quite comprehensive, we have seen that our patients have found Health Coach visits to be extremely helpful.

Reading a treatment plan is one thing, fully implementing it is something else. Having a Health Coach partner working with you to guide implementation is a very positive way to achieve success, both by serving as a resource to both help break the therapeutic plan into “do-able” chunks and to work with your physician regarding that plan to ensure success.

Your success depends on both being fully engaged in the therapeutic process as well as fully implementing the physician recommendations. Health Coach visits fill a vital role in making that happen.

The cost of the initial health coach visit is $150 for 1 hour and subsequent 1 hour appointments are $99. Package pricing is available for a discounted rate.

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