Patient Testimonials

“My 1st appointment with Dr. Citron was 05/21/2014. After learning about functional medicine through Dr. Mark Hyman's website & email newsletters, I searched for nearby functional medicine doctors for several years. I tried a Chapel Hill, NC functional medicine doctor, but didn't have a "click" with his approach (somatic visualization, etc.). He did more labs than my PCP, but didn't dig very deeply into the results.

----- Dr. Citron does dig deeply into the labs he suggests; the blood is drawn at a lab near his office. He suggested (he never forces any lab or treatment, rather slowly educates & discusses the current state of functional medicine thinking on the matter) I get some genetic testing. Turns out I have a homozygous methylation gene defect responsible for my reproductive history & life-long battle with depression. Dr. Citron is working with me using nutrigenomics supplements to address my gene defects & post-menopausal issues, etc.

I do find it challenging to follow the organic chemistry involved in much of what Dr. Citron talks about & realize seeing a functional medicine doctor requires much more "homework" than American patients are accustomed to doing. I also find it challenging to keep up with understanding & ordering the supplements I take under Dr. Citron's recommendation. Despite the patient dedication necessary, I feel like I've made progress on many fronts & uncovered answers to questions about my health no other medical practitioner I've seen during my 64 years has been able to do. Thank you, Dr. Citron (& Kathleen)”


“If you feel bloated, fat, stressed and miserable- If you have hot flashes that keep you up all night, if your joints feel like you are 120 years old all of a sudden and you are cranky, have no libido, and don't enjoy doing the activities you used to love, this may be the doctor for you! I was all of those things and then some! My cardiovascular risk markers were worrisome, my diabetic warning markers were getting scary and my thyroid was not doing well either. At 49 I was on a one way path to bad health and a bunch of health problems that I want no part of experiencing in life!

It is not easy. It is not a cake walk. YOU have to be responsible for your own health and actively work to fix it. Dr. Citron and Kathleen can suggest 1000 things to help you and direct your very specific path to total well being- if you listen and follow their directions. Every one of us is a different test tube of hormones, genetics, bodily injuries, past health histories, bad habits, good habits, and if you want to get your body on a healthy functioning path- Dr. Citron will very thoroughly go through every aspect of WHO YOU ARE NOW and get you where you want to be.

I have tried other holistic medicine paths and Naturopaths, but I honestly cannot say I have ever experienced as thorough and complete care- that GOT RESULTS- as I have with Dr. Citron.

My ENTIRE adult life has seen me FIGHTING with the scale, gaining weight losing weight gaining it right back- I literally had 4 different bra sizes and dress sizes in my closet at any one time to deal with the weight flux.

Since December of 2014 I have not been on a single diet. I have applied the practices that Dr. Citron prescribed for me specifically and made them my new life habit for eating, lifestyle, specific nutrient Rx and added hormone treatment that I needed according to my test results. I have lost over 20 pounds so far...I have NEVER been able to maintain that kind of weight loss before on any diet. I feel that Dr. Citron has finally uncovered the problems my body has had functioning since adolescence.

It is July now- I am back doing all of my beloved sports, I have energy and stamina, I feel happy and well balanced, and I am going to be a Grandma in January!!!!!! What better gift to give myself and my new grandchild than a healthy Grandma who hopefully will be able to do all of the FUN stuff I did with its mother!!! I feel normal. I feel like me, and I'm really happy to be back!

About the best testimonial I can possibly give is that my husband, Mr. Scientific, Mr. Analytical, who watched me go through the entire process and had some negative things to say " he had read in the newspaper" - he watched me go from a fat crabby stressed miserable wife to someone he can hardly keep up with... He has now begun his own journey with Dr. Citron because he doesn't want to get left behind and he has seen the dramatic changes first hand. He has witnessed the value Dr. Citron has brought to my health”

Wake Forest, NC

"I want to say that Dr Mike as I like to call him is just wonderful. He is not just a doctor, but a person who relates to you as an old friend.

He always (and I mean always) looks out for your best interest. He is very detail oriented and takes plenty of time to discuss with you everything he is doing, testing, explaining the meanings behind the test and then the planned route he is going to take with you.

He has called me many times at home to discuss issues you may have emailed him about. He is reassuring, kind and I think the world of him. I told a friend and she now sees him, and she too trusts him to guide her along the correct path. His lovely wife Kathleen is a real doll and has the patiences of a saint. They are a great team!

Dr. Mike will take you on a path of natural quality supplements that I promise will heal you.

I feel a lot better than I did when I first got there. He goes so far into your genetics which shows he works from the inside and therefore it creates a better outside.

Anyway, long story short...go see Dr. Mike, I promise it will be the best decision you ever made.

Thanks to two terrific and caring people who really do care about you from the inside out"

Winston-Salem, NC

“I have been a patient of Dr. Citron's for a year and a half and I have nothing but high praise. He is caring for my health as a whole, not looking at bits and pieces and treating each issue without regard to the other. My autoimmune disease is under control and I am off of all the dangerous meds my other doctors prescribed. I have never had trouble getting an appointment when I needed. They are very responsive when I have a question. All around, great care!”

Elizabeth OurPaleoFamily

"Dr. Citron is unbelievably knowledgeable and thorough!  He did not just prescribe what I needed for health and wellness, he took ample time to teach me what was happening with my body and what the plan was for restoring me to peak performance. He clearly has a passion for understanding human anatomy and I am thankful he does constant research.

Michael and Kathleen's warm and inviting practice is not a drive-through hormone shop. I highly recommend them if you want to be assured you are getting it right with a plan designed just for you."

Raleigh, NC

“Dr. Citron is the most thorough doctor I've ever had, and I've been to multiple conventional and functional medicine doctors over the past 4 years. He did not guess or make assumptions about my condition; instead he ordered labs to get more information. He is against trying things too invasive, and he worked with me to get the best care within my budget (which was very small). Also, all of the labs, prescriptions, and doctor's notes are centrally located online, which is awesome for someone like me who does their own independent research. His wife/administrator Kathleen, is also awesome, because she was always available to talk whenever I called or emailed with questions.

Overall, I highly recommend FoundationMed because of the expertise and quality of attention I received..”


“My wife and I and father in law have sought medical consultation from Dr. Citron and have referred several others who have universally reported excellent care. He is warm, winsome and yet very meticulous and conservative in his recommendations. Changing lifestyle, diet and the like is not easy and he knows this and has great sensitivity to patients' personal challenges. I also appreciate that he does not personally sell supplements so as not to introduce a conflict of interest when making recommendations. Functional medicine is the new paradigm for wellness and chronic illness management and is changing the face of western medicine. In my opinion, he is best choice for a functional medicine practice in the Raleigh area.“


"I met directly with the Doctor, for approximately 2 hours. He was very knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and took a great deal of time explaining various concepts and ideas."

Raleigh, NC

“Dr. Citron and Kathy are just the best!! I’ve never met a more knowledgeable, kind, and caring team. Thank you both - here’s to optimal health!”

Statesville, NC

“Dr. Citron is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of MTHFR. I like his approach of wanting to see the evidence rather than being speculative about what works, and am appreciative of his belief that the body knows how to heal itself given the right base tools.

He's very down to earth, and doesn't pretend to stand on water like so many in the medical field. He's the real deal if you're looking for someone who is smart and can help.”

Durham, NC

“The care at FoundationMed has been extremely thorough and persistent. When others were quick to diagnose and dish out medicine, Dr. Citron dug in deeper to find the root of the problem rather than settling for treating the chronic symptoms. Following visits over the course of 7 years to Drs. and large medical centers throughout NC, there were still no answers. Dr. Citron was persistent and I'm so thankful he was able to determine and correct the causes to my daughters' health problems. She has been under Dr. Citron's care for approx. 2 years and is healthy and thriving and is symptom free. This has changed her life and given her and our family healthful knowledge that will last a lifetime. We are grateful for the care and personal interest FoundationMed shared with our daughter and our family.”


“I was in search of a Functional Medicine doctor when I came across Foundation Med. I called the office and spoke with Kathleen, the office manager, who spent over an hour with me on the phone answering all my questions regarding the office and their scope of practice. I was very pleased with the personalized attention I received right from the very start which was different than my previous experiences with other offices. I booked my first appointment after careful consideration of all my options.

During my first visit, Dr. Citron spent 2 hours taking a thorough intake of me, my family and medical history and all related factors that he thought would be relevant to my situation. I had never had any physician take his time and 'really' listen to me. The treatment and testing protocol he recommended for me was thorough and yet not over the top. He gauged my comfort level and was very open with working with me accordingly.

I have had a few follow-up visits with him and each time my experience in the office is the same as it was the first time. I am making progress with my health, which I am very delighted with. Just as importantly, I feel like Dr. Citron and Kathleen know me as a unique individual, instead of another patient or a chart number. For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to my appointments! I would recommend Dr. Citron and his practice highly to anyone looking for an experienced and personable Functional Medicine physician.”