Established in 2012, FoundationMED is a consultative medical practice in Raleigh, NC designed to apply both traditional medical knowledge as well as advanced functional medicine principles to your health care and health optimization.

As your care is directed by residency-trained and certified physicians with advanced training in both traditional and functional medicine, FoundationMED can bring the best powerful relevant treatment methods forward to our patients, based on clinical data, clinical experience and research. We do not participate in dubious therapies based on little or no clean research or clinical data.

Our focus is on both maximizing your health, as well as “assessing and addressing” disturbed underlying physiology that is ultimately creating a state of poor or declining health. This is the very core of “root cause” assessment. Simultaneously, meticulous attention is focused on the identification and reduction of risk.

Our tools include constant review of the literature, attending relevant advanced educational seminars, advanced laboratory testing when needed (with appropriate training needed to fully appreciate and utilize the results of advanced testing) and patient consultations that allow enough time to appropriately evaluate your situation. Even after your visit, we spend whatever additional time is needed to create or modify a highly personalized treatment plan.

We very much recognize the unique nature of each and every one of our patients and create your unique therapeutic approach based on a compilation of your history, physical, previous data, current issues, underlying physiology and current laboratory date – constantly seeking to optimize and refine your therapy as new data becomes apparent.

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