Integrative Health Coaching

How smooth or bumpy is your life?

Are there areas of your life that need attention?

What areas of your life are you willing to address now, soon, later?

Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight, or have more energy, working with one of the certified health coaches at FoundationMED in Raleigh, North Carolina, can help you reach your goals and optimize your health. The health coaches at FoundationMED are certified in health and wellness coaching with a deep knowledge of functional medicine principles.

Change is anything but easy. It takes drive, motivation, and strategy to change our habits—especially if weʼve been doing things a certain way for a long, long time. Most of all, it takes support—and thatʼs where health coaches excel. Health coaches are change agents. They understand how habits form, they know how to reverse them, and they specialize in helping people overcome obstacles in pursuit of their goals. As part of your collaborative FoundationMED team, our health coaches support patients as they make positive lifestyle changes.


We all know we should be making healthy choices like eating well, avoiding toxins, exercising, getting plenty of rest, and positively managing stress. Most people lack the strategy and support necessary to change a habit, even if they know they need to do it for their health.

The health coaches at FoundationMED are certified in health and wellness coaching with a deep knowledge of functional medicine principles. If you’re interested in working with a health coach, call FoundationMED or schedule a consultation online today.


Have you ever tried to commit to healthy lifestyle changes only to see no improvement in your wellness or merely temporary changes in the numbers on your scale? The certified health coaches at FoundationMED offer customized support to help you optimize your health and achieve your goals.

At FoundationMED, health coaching is patient-focused and collaborative. Your coach is your partner in health, using theories of behavioral change to help you meet your goals.


When you work with a FoundationMED health coach, you identify your own goals and collaborate with your coach to create an action plan that’s fully customized to meet your needs. You and your coach maintain ongoing two-way communication to keep you motivated and accountable, improving self-management and other skills for sustainable change.

Your health coach is a habit change expert and fully fluent in the functional medicine lifestyle principles that are the foundation of any successful path to life-lasting wellness.


Your individual, customized health coaching program begins with a comprehensive, hour-long personal wellness evaluation. Your coach will be your guide as you assess the current state of your lifestyle and identify any obstacles to optimizing your nutrition, stress levels, sleep, movement and other factors that contribute to your health.

You’ll create a long-term vision and start to identify goals, which may include weight loss, improving energy levels or reducing your blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

Over the next several sessions, you and your coach create action plans that will incorporate small changes that you build on each week to gradually make your lifestyle more healthy. In many cases, lifestyle changes fail when you try to change too much at once and get frustrated by your lack of progress or feel deprived and give in to unhealthy choices. Your health coach uses motivational interviewing and positive psychology techniques to keep you on track and will support adjustments to your plan as needed.

Group coaching workshops, as well as phone and video consultations, are available for added convenience.

Most importantly, you and your coach will build a relationship based on trust, communication, and unwavering support.


  • Initial one-hour health coach visit $150.00
  • Follow up 45-minute health coach visit $99.00

We offer the following bundles with prices discounted:

  • Jumpstart: Initial coaching visit + 3 follow up visits: $403 ($447 regular cost with 10% savings of $44)
  • I’m In: Initial coaching visit + 7 follow up visits: $717 ($843 regular cost with 15% savings of $126)


1. If you are being treated by a FoundationMED physician, your health coach will collaborate with you and your doctor to create the changes necessary to support your treatment plan. Your habits, goals and action plans are tightly integrated with your physician-led therapeutic program.

2. If you are being treated by a practitioner outside of FoundationMED and know you need to make lifestyle changes OR if you seek to level-up your current health status, your health coach has the expertise and skills to support customized, life-lasting health habits.

Group coaching harnesses the power of collaboration and provides for shared insights and built-in support.