Advanced Testing

Gaining a comprehensive view of your health requires advanced, rigorous testing capabilities. At FoundationMED of Raleigh, North Carolina we perform accurate thorough testing to give you a deep and accurate understanding of your health.

Tried And Tested

At FoundationMED, we use research-supported methods and protocols to apply evidence-based treatments and therapies. Our physicians have a wide range of specializations ranging from the methylation system to the Bredesen Protocol for advanced cognitive testing.

As your care is directed by residency-trained and certified physicians with advanced training in both traditional and functional medicine, FoundationMED can bring the best, most powerful and relevant treatment methods forward to our patients, based on clinical data, clinical experience and research. We do not participate in dubious therapies based on little or no clean research or clinical data.

Our Approach

Our tools include constant review of the literature, attending relevant advanced educational seminars, advanced laboratory testing when needed (with appropriate training needed to fully appreciate and utilize the results of advanced testing) and patient consultations that allow enough time to appropriately evaluate your situation.

Even after your visit, we spend whatever additional time is needed to create or modify a highly personalized treatment plan.