Dirty Genes

Dr. Lynch wrote the Dirty Genes book to introduce the public to the incredible world of genetics, epigenetics, and methylation.

As methylation and epigenetics are key core issues that very much relate to basic physiology – and thus to root-cause and functional medicine, it is important to both understand the nuances of methylation and apply this information APPROPRIATELY clinically.

Dr. Citron has attended all of the SHEICOM methylation conference series produced by Dr. Lynch over several years (from which the information basis of “Dirty Genes” was drawn), and has been working overtime to integrate this information into his medical practice at FoundationMED – providing advanced methylation analysis and treatment to our patients as a part of their general care.

Dr. Citron is proud to be listed by Dr. Lynch on the SeekingHealth website as a referral physician for the care of methylation issues.

Some more information about Methylation can be found here. In addition, FoundationMED patients receive a customized “Dirty Genes Protocol” included with each visit to help guide them in optimizing their own “dirty genes”!

Please contact us to make an appointment if you are interested in your own potential methylation issues or assessment.