Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?

At its core, health coaching is a patient-centered, collaborative approach grounded in theories of health behavior change. Your coach will help you to identify goals and action plans that maximize your personal well-being and overall health. This holistic method includes patient self-assessment, solution-focused techniques like motivational interviewing, goal setting, and problem-solving and has a central feature of patient empowerment toward autonomy.

Why Does Health Coaching Work?

Health Coaching includes education based on the treatment plan created by your FoundationMED physician. Coaching also provides ongoing, two-way communication, motivation, support and accountability to optimize self-management, self-efficacy and skills for sustainable health optimization.

Meet The Coaches

Kelly Day O'Brien

FoundationMED HealthCoach

Kelly is a Duke Integrative Medicine trained and nationally board certified health and wellness coach with over 25 years of healthcare experience.

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Sharon Fowler

FoundationMED HealthCoach

Sharon is an Integrative Institute of Nutrition trained and certified Integrative Health Coach with additional certifications in gut and hormone health.

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Personal Wellness Assessment

Optimizing YOUR health and wellbeing is the overriding goal of FoundationMED. Health Coaching can be a vital part of reaching this goal. FoundationMED board certified health coaches use advanced concepts and tools to help you implement the clinical treatment plan developed by your physician.

Health Coaching Fees and Package Savings

Initial Visit (1 hour): $150

Followup Visit (45 minutes): $99

Jumpstart - Great Value:
Initial Visit PLUS 3 Followup Visits: $403
(10% discount!)

Initial Visit PLUS 7 Followup Visits: $717
(15% discount!)