Welcome to the Happy Heart Program - Focusing on Enhancing Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Health without Statins.
FoundationMED has developed an exciting cardiovascular health/cholesterol program solidly based on functional medicine principles and current research. By utilizing the latest research, our program is designed to integrate state of the art methods for enhancing cardiovascular health and addressing cholesterol issues. You are a candidate for this program if:
  • You have abnormal serum cholesterol or lipid levels
  • You have been advised to take statin drugs
  • You have a family history of cardiovascular disease
  • You are concerned about your cardiovascular health
In many cases, statins are not needed to achieve our goals!
Michael Citron, MD
Statins are commonly used as the primary (or even the only) approach when “elevated cholesterol” is found on blood testing. Current research has shown that while statins do have a place, they are over utilized and poorly understood as to their side effects, as well as their net lifespan extending benefits.

Program Objectives

  • Assessment of key risk factors driving heart disease and cholesterol levels
  • Treating these risk factors using a highly individualized action plan
  • Reassessing and modifying treatment based on ongoing evaluation as needed
  • Positively impacting risk factors
  • Improving energy and activity
  • Improving weight
  • Improving blood glucose and HbA1c

Program Summary

  • Initial Evaluation
    1. Extensive survey covering dietary habits, exercise, sleep, risk factors, medical history, medications and supplements.
    2. Baseline labs and initial risk marker assessment.
    3. Initial consultation (allow 2 hours)
  • Happy Heart Plan
    • Highly customized health plan with dietary, exercise, supplement recommendations.
    • Further testing if needed - based on initial assessment.
  • Followup I and II
    • 6 weeks (1 hour) with test evaluation, progress assessment, further testing if needed. Treatment modifications and further followup as needed. Long term action plan to be developed and personalized.
Laboratory evaluation includes testing for Lipids, Lipoprotein particles and Apolipoproteins, several markers of Inflammation and Oxidation including Lp-PLA2, hs-CRP and others, Myocardial Stress/Structure and Function markers, Lipoprotein Genetic markers, Platelet Genetic markers, Coagulation Genetic markers including Factor V Leiden, MTHFR C677T and A1298C, Metabolic markers including insulin, HbA1c, Homocysteine, Vitamins including 25-OH Vitamin D, Renal markers including Cystatin C, Sterol Absorption markers, Sterol Synthesis markers, CBC, Metabolic Profile, Iron, TIBC, Ferritin, Thyroid Studies, HS-Omega Index (RBC EPA + DHA), Omega -3, Omega-6, and Other Fatty Acids, and the Diabetes Prevention and Management Panel (DPMP) including markers pertaining to insulin resistance such as Fructosamine and Glycation Gap, Leptin and Leptin:BMI ratio, Adiponectin and others.

This advanced look into your metabolic machinery helps us (along with an extensive historical review and nutritional analysis) to custom tailor a plan designed to your specific circumstances.
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