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If you decide to consult with Dr. Citron we ask that you fill out an extensive questionnaire concerning your diet, lifestyle and medical history. Dr. Citron will review this questionnaire in great detail before he meets with you, and begins to construct your visit note.

At the initial visit we ask that you allow 2 hours to be in our office. Direct time with Dr. Citron is between 1 to 1.5 hours. Even though that seems like a long time, it can be surprising how fast it can go!

During this initial visit, Dr. Citron will get more detailed information from you, directly address your questions, concerns, and expectations, and give you an overview of what he recommends for you - even as he discusses in detail his thoughts about your underlying physiology and medical condition(s). In addition, we ask that you bring any pertinent laboratory data or prior medical or surgical history data (from other consultations) for review and discussion.

Within a week after your visit (or less), you will receive an email notification via our electronic medical record system stating that the “encounter” plan is ready. You will access this plan via the patient portal portion of the electronic medical record system. We highly recommend that you download each Encounter Note (i.e. Visit Note) and PRINT OUT your own copy.

This plan will include quite a bit of detail concerning your visit, including a review of findings and the therapeutic approaches addressing each of those findings, specific diet and lifestyle recommendations (including book and website recommendations), testing and supplement recommendations, prescriptions, a review of laboratory data, a patient “ToDo” section that serves as a direct communication from Dr. Citron to you concerning a given “encounter”, identified areas of clinical concern, identified items being considered, as well as recommended information for you to read/review presented as PDF’s. In addition, Dr. Citron may consult with appropriate colleagues as needed. All of this information is reviewed and updated with each visit and is available for you to review and print out.

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We work with many different labs including Quest Diagnostics & LabCorp (as well as specialty labs such as Cyrex, Genova, Doctors Data, and others). Some of the labs we work with accept insurance and some require payment up front.

Dr. Citron discusses any laboratory test recommendations with you, and we give you all available cost information regarding any testing. The final decision concerning labs is up to you ultimately. We do not want any “stress” when it comes to laboratory services and costs and will work as best as possible with whatever data we have available. Unlike most other clinics, we do not up-charge on our lab services (this can really add up) and do NOT pepper you with extraneous fees. We try to make it as easy and low cost as possible. We DO NOT accept insurance. Because the nature of this practice is highly individualized and patient-time intensive, our model is not compatible with insurance and the significant operational costs that are involved in insurance billing. We have found, however, that frequently anywhere from 50% to 100% of the visit cost is reimbursed back to you from the insurance company or applied to the deductible. In addition, many patients use FLEX spending accounts to cover visit costs.
The cost of the initial visit (with Dr. Citron personally) is $475 (payment of cash or credit card is required at the time of your appointment). You will be in consultation with Dr. Citron for up to 1.5h directly. Your history and current situation will be completely reviewed and discussed. Dr. Citron will consult as needed for particular situations. A rather thorough Encounter Note (Visit Note) will be generated for your study and review, complete with your personalized health plan - all accessible from the Patient Portal. Typically Dr. Citron spends 2 or more hours outside of the patient visit preparing and consulting/researching any given patient (including pre-visit preparation, post visit analysis/visit note creation and consultation and research).

Followup visits (with Dr Citron personally) are $275 and run from 45min to 60min. Your test results (if any) will be reviewed in detail, and your current situation discussed. An updated Encounter Note will then be posted complete with an updated assessment and plan - all accessible from the Patient Portal.

We highly recommend that you download and print out the Visit Note (Encounter Note) due to the amount of information contained within.

You will then be given the opportunity to speak with our Patient Coordinator/Health Coach (at no additional charge). Many have found this opportunity to be extremely valuable to help in better understanding and implementing all that was discussed with your Physician consultation. Our Health Coach stands as a resource for you to utilize as needed as you continue your journey to better health and wellbeing.

We are pleased to be able to provide the lowest fees in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area for comparable services - and work hard to keep it that way. We do not charge for other services (i.e. email contact, phone contact, letter writing, chart review, etc) that so many other practices seem to do. We are striving to provide intense functional medical care at an affordable price - without excessive "accessory" fees or mandatory subscriptions for services. You will never feel compelled to purchase supplements or products from us - we do not feel it is appropriate to sell supplements directly from our office.

If you are NOT on Medicare, we can give you a receipt that you can use to file with your insurance. Dr. Citron is not a participating medicare provider and so you cannot submit for reimbursement from medicare for his services. He is similarly not a Medicaid participating provider.

If you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have been fully booked for several months but are still accepting patients. We keep a cancellation list, although at this time it is difficult for us to predict when we will have availability. We do find that there is some flexibility as patients reschedule their appointments from time to time.

If you wish to be put on the cancellation list (without registering in the patient portal or completing the questionnaire) we will be happy to do that. Email us your name, telephone number and state that you wish to be placed on the cancellation list.

If you are committed to scheduling a consultation with Dr. Citron and wish to get pre-registered in our patient portal we will need you to send us your name, email address, date of birth, telephone number and your mailing address. We will then send you an invitation to sign on to our electronic health record. Once you register in the electronic health record, you will have access to the questionnaire. Once you fill out the questionnaire you will be ready to go and have priority access when an appointment time opens up.
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We are pleased to add an advanced InBody Body Composition Analysis for ALL of our patients at EACH visit for no additional fee. The advanced and clinically validated InBody Analyzer provides incredibly useful information such as your visceral fat level, your basal metabolic rate, skeletal muscle and fat mass, and much much more.
YES - I am committed to scheduling a consultation with FoundationMED / Dr. Citron and wish to get registered in our patient portal and have priority access to appointment availability. I understand that I will receive an invitation to sign up in your electronic health record and then fill out the recommended questionnaire. After this, I will be contacted when an appointment time becomes available.
PLEASE put me on your Cancellation List only. I understand that I will be contacted if an appointment time becomes available.
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