Change is anything but easy. It takes drive, motivation, and strategy to change our habits—especially if weʼve been doing things a certain way for a long, long time. Most of all, it takes support—and thatʼs where health coaches excel.

Health coaches are change agents. They understand how habits form, they know how to reverse them, and they specialize in helping people overcome obstacles in pursuit of their goals. As part of your collaborative FoundationMED team our health coaches support patients as they make positive lifestyle changes.

We all know we should be making healthy choices like eating well, avoiding toxins, exercising, getting plenty of rest, and positively managing stress.

The problem isnʼt a lack of information; itʼs that most people lack the strategy and support necessary to change a habit, even if they know they need to do it for their health.

Health coaches are highly trained professionals who draw on their skills to support their clients as they work through those changes.

● They use their knowledge of nutrition and Functional Health to help clients implement the complexities of treatment plans.

● They utilize motivational interviewing, positive psychology and the stages of behavior change to replace old habits.

● Most importantly, they build relationships based on trust, communication, and unwavering support.

YOU are at the center of your health. A personalized coaching plan will be based on your personal vision, values and goals.

This wellness assessment tool can provide insights into areas of strength and areas of opportunity.

Rank your level of satisfaction in each area of your life. The closer you are to 10 the more fulfilled you feel. Once you have marked your number in each area, connect each number forming a new outside perimeter for your circle.

How smooth or bumpy is your life?

Are there areas of your life that need attention?

What areas of your life are you willing to address now, soon, later?