Discounted Supplements DIRECT from the Manufacturer to our Patients…

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15% Discount - Free Shipping ALL ORDERS!

Designs for Health is a quality supplement provider that also includes targeted Paleo products. 15% discount buying direct from Designs for Health to assure fresh, quality products. Click the button above, and use coupon code FMED15% (no spaces) in your cart to get your discount. FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS. An excellent value for exceptional supplements.
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15% Discount - Free Shipping on ALL orders

Thorne Research is a trusted, quality supplement manufacturer.
For 15% discount, INITIAL account setup MUST be via the phone
Free shipping on ALL orders regardless of order size for FoundationMED patients
1. Call (800) 228-1966 Customer Service
2. Tell them the Access code HCP1048332 and that you get a 15% discount.
3. Operator will take your first order for you and set up your account to get a 15% discount ongoing
4. Using your new account at will automatically apply your discount
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Free Shipping for FoundationMED Patients

Xymogen is well known for its superior quality supplements. FoundationMED patients can obtain DISCOUNTED Xymogen products direct from Xymogen by calling 800-647-6100 and giving the code provided to FoundationMED patients to set up your initial patient account (see your patient encounter note). You MUST initially set up your account by phone to get your discount. For future orders (discounted), go to and order directly from the website using your account name and password previously set up with customer service.
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10% Discount - Free Shipping ALL ORDERS over $50

Fullscript is the #1 platform for dispensing professional grade supplements. It is a trusted way to be assured you are obtaining fresh supplements from the manufacturers (vs the risk of purchasing via Amazon et al) since the manufacturers themselves directly sell through Fullscript (thus allowing you to avoid grey/black market items). FoundationMED patients get a 10% discount from ANY item ordered through Fullscript AND free shipping if the order is over $50 (otherwise shipping is $4.95). Please note that although you can purchase many brands through Fullscript, FoundationMED patients can get a better discount (15% and free shipping on any size order) from Designs for Health and Thorne Research by ordering directly from the links listed elsewhere on this page.
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15% Discount and $5 shipping (free over $300)

Douglas Laboratories was named the #1 Healthcare Practitioner Brand by Purchase quality Douglas Lab Supplements by clicking on the button above, creating a new patient account, and using affiliate number 2305959. This will net you a 15% discount and you can be confident that your quality supplements are being purchased directly from Douglas Labs. FLAT $5 shipping (free if over $300)!
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15% Discount - Free Shipping

Metagenics is a premier supplement provider that has withstood the test of time. By clicking on the button above, you will be purchasing directly from Metagenics and get a 15% discount automatically and free shipping by ordering via the button. Your product is shipped direct from the manufacturer. No worries about product quality.
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10% Discount - Free Shipping over $100

PureEncapsulations is a trusted source of hypoallergenic quality supplements. Click on the button above, click on “For Patients” on the menu bar, in the search box for “find your practitioner enter 178679 and create your account. This will net you a 10% discount on product purchased direct from the manufacturer. Shipping is $10, free over $100.


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Prescript-Assist has developed a soil-based advanced probiotic that has very powerful properties to strengthen your gut and immune health. It is most important to buy probiotics directly from the manufacturer to assure the highest quality and viability. Click on the button above for more information about this advanced probiotic, and to order if desired.
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Nutrim® is the 100% natural oat ß-glucan super-food developed and patented by the USDA. Nutrim® delivers high levels of oat ß-glucans, the most studied portion of oats for lowering cholesterol naturally. Click the button above to go to the Nutrim Site. Make SURE you use the coupon code DRCITRON to get your 10% discount!

US Wellness Meats

Truly Grass-Fed AND FINISHED beef and other ORGANIC meat products. GREAT source for Braunschweiger (beef and liver loaf) and Liverwurst (beef, liver, organ meat loaf) for those who find it difficult to consume one of nature's superfoods (Liver). FoundationMED tested and approved!

10% Discount - Free Shipping Available

Rejuvenation Science has one of the highest independently rated multivitamins available (Maximum Vitality). By clicking on the link above, you can obtain a 10% discount and more. Click the button above or call main number (1-888-737-3588) and mention FoundationMED to obtain your discount.

Why buy directly from the manufacturer? To assure product purity and freshness.

FoundationMED is pleased to offer our patients direct from the manufacturer access to the highest quality supplements available - and often at a discounted price. We have carefully selected these companies based on quality and customer care. We feel that it is important to purchase directly from the manufacturer to avoid the pitfalls of grey-market products, outdated or mislabeled product and to know that you are obtaining the freshest product available.

Additionally, supplement companies will (rightly) not stand by products obtained from unregistered resellers such as found on the internet. Many of the higher quality supplement providers will only sell through practitioners offices or qualified resellers (who are not to sell openly on the internet). FoundationMED does not provide supplements directly in our office but has partnered with several qualified supplement providers to allow patients to purchase directly from the manufacturer and often at a discounted price.
It is no secret that there is a wide variation in quality when it comes to supplements. Many times, what is claimed to be in the bottle is simply not true - either by dose or by quality. In addition, detail matters when it comes to precisely which ingredient is used - for example - Vit D2 is NOT the same as Vit D3, and alpha tocopherol is not the same as high gamma mixed tocopherols. The precise amounts and forms of ingredients used matters! Finally, toxins need to be considered and sought out (i.e. Citrinin free Red Yeast Rice). Toxins can also be present if certain chemicals are used in the production of certain supplements as well.

FoundationMED makes recommendations to our patients after careful consideration of issues such as quality of manufacturer, quality of ingredients and necessity of any particular ingredients (often supplements have combinations of ingredients that may or may not be helpful). It can take some time finding the proper supplement for any particular patient need.

We are satisfied that our supplement partners are dedicated to providing safe, quality product that contain what they claim and work diligently to keep toxins and contaminants out.
Most of our associated supplement companies do not sell, or allow their items to be sold on the internet or Amazon. Similarly, they do not support or vouch for any of the product purchased from the internet. You are NOT assured of a quality, appropriate supplement when not purchasing directly from the manufacturer.
We feel that supplements should be taken seriously. At the very least, it is important to us that you obtain the type and amount of supplement you paid for, and that it is fresh, fully supported, and purchased directly from the manufacturer.
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