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Michael Citron, MD has been practicing Medicine for 30 years. He is residency trained and board certified in Emergency Medicine and has further training in Functional Medicine. Originally from Ohio, he moved to North Carolina about 20 years ago.

"Many years ago, it became apparent that there was more to treating illness then symptom reduction with the dispensing of pharmaceuticals. While emergency medical care is critically important, I saw a rather consistent pattern of chronic underlying issues leading to the emergency department visit in many cases. Typical examples include cigarette smoking, over-weight, hypertension, diabetes, and other "neolithic" chronic diseases.

I began to explore how we (as physicians) might do better at preventing the visit to the emergency department to begin with - how we might be able to identify and eliminate or minimize the root causes that eventually cause these underlying diseases that eventually lead to the need for medical care - often in the emergency department.

Medical care has gone through several phases over the years. Currently, traditional medical care is based on symptom identification and resolution. Many times, it involves a pharmaceutical given to combat a given finding (also known as "a pill for every ill").

In spite of some extremely costly intervention protocols (from a population point of view), it seems that we are simply not doing enough. Obesity and diabetes are going through the roof. Cardiovascular disease and cancer continue to be major burdens on us. Many seem to be aging at what appears to be an accelerated rate - either by physical appearance or by how one feels.

Well meaning interventions involving pharmaceuticals and traditional medical monitoring has just not been getting us very far. In fact, in many cases we are falling behind!

The current paradigm is clearly falling short. More people are developing more chronic diseases. Clearly, we can (and need) to do better.

A additional paradigm is needed - one that integrates all aspects of improving health.

By integrating traditional medicine with the principles of functional medicine - by understanding and working to balance the complex interconnections between (and within) organ systems, and with prudent monitoring of "markers" of disease, we can help people prevent those diseases from developing or worsening in the first place.

We can enhance health and vitality, and encourage graceful aging, and hopefully even begin to roll back what was thought to be an inevitable progression of chronic disease"

FoundationMED was developed to address these concerns and to intensely focus on you. By working together with our informed and motivated patients, we hope to help guide patients to a more desired health and wellness status.

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